Doris Trejo.


How is this still a thing?


reverse werewolves. wolves that turn into confused but excited humans every month at the full moon and run around doing weird human stuff until they wake up the next day in the middle of an office with a suit loosely draped over their wolf form


Sir Lexi Rex - Lo and Behold Tattoo


South park is making fun of trans minors, meanwhile around 60% of trans kids are homless, over 70% of trans kids experience harrasment in school, trans kids make up 10% of the homeless population (despite only making up an estimated 1-3% of youth in general), and 41% of all trans people attempt #suicide . It’s interesting how they focus on how we act online, instead of what’s actually happening to us

And by interesting, i mean totally fucking disgusting and transparent


My little secret.


After a heavy rain storm, the sky did something really beautiful.

Nigel Cooper



Don’t buy a girl flowers. Flowers die. Buy her a dragon.



Gender is canceled.
Go back to bed.